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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Poemas Tristes

Here is an unusual war poem Dennis has written today, on the Iraqi war. He said after following it for four years, " is getting old; yet it sells papers doesn't it?" He was for the war when it was a war, so he told me, but now it is not, it is more a police action, he explains to me, and feels perhaps we have overstayed our welcome. "And what are the motivating factors now?" he asks. He adds, "When we get into questioning the motives, after a war, when they are not clear, it is perhaps time to leave..." Dennis being a Vietnam Veteran knows a little bit about how it all works; and here in this poem, he paints his picture of war, the Iraqi war, and how he sees the colors of war through color crayons of a little boy. Rosa Penaloza

Commentary on War: I'm fifty-eight years old, and I can't remember a time when the United States was not at war, preparing for another war, or just getting over a war (not to include WWI and WWII); thus, we've had a busy half-century. I was but three years old when the Korean War broke out, in l950, and in 1953, when it was tranquilized. Then again in 1964, my friends went to Vietnam, and I in 1971, that war ended in 1975, an eleven year war. I thought we'd have peace but we got a few more wars in-between (we always do); such as, in the 80s Haiti involvement, Granada, and some secret Central American things; nothing real big. And then we got Bosnia in the 90s, and a few other little East Europe wars to attend to (mixed with these wars we had Granada and a few African uprisings); always helping out Europe with their little squats, which they feel are important, and when it comes to American made squats, of course they are less important to them. Also in the 90s we got Iraqi I, and in the now 21st Century, we've had to contend with Afghanistan and Iraqi II. We are a country full of warlords to be sure. What will be next, between 2007 and 2016, as I had predicted in 1984, we will be in line with the onset of WWIII. We have been fighting it since l950, with Korea, now it is set in motion: the war on terror is part of it of course. When I say set in motion, I mean, things are going to fly. We already got Iran and Korea on the hot list; Syria is bordering it; and we are going to have to contend with the Arabs sneaking through South America to North America and lighting up a path once they got on solid ground. Russia and China are becoming economies with highbrow ideas; we may have ruled the 90s, but I fear, things will change, as often they do. Dlsiluk

Poemas Tristes

Poemas Tristes

Poemas Tristes

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